WRIGHT'S Liquid Hickory Smoke Seasoning 12/32 oz


WRIGHT'S Liquid Hickory Smoke Seasoning 12/32 oz

Case Weight: 28 lbs
Case Cube: 1.25 cu ft
Shelf Life: 4 years
Pallet Qty: 44 (11 tie x 4 high)

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Wright’s® Hickory Liquid Smoke

Wright’s Hickory Flavored Liquid Smoke, the original liquid smoke product, is a concentrate made from the actual smoke of hickory wood. Because it’s concentrated, you can easily vary the amount of smoky flavor in foods, from subtle to full and robust. Liquid Smoke contains no salt, fat or colors- only 2 calories per serving. Wright’s delivers Big barbecue taste to all your favorite foods. Try it when barbecuing meats, poultry or vegetables or use it as a seasoning in marinades, sauces, soups and stews. Also available in 32 ounce and one gallon bottles, and Mesquite Flavor in 3.5 ounce bottles.

Q. What is liquid smoke?
A. Wright’s® Liquid Smoke is a product that give foods a slow smoked taste.
It is made from hickory, applewood or mesquite wood that is burned inside a chamber. As the smoke rises it is captured in a condenser and it cools. The cooled smoke forms water droplets (condensation). These droplets are then collected and filtered twice.

Q. Does Wright’s® Liquid Smoke contain any other ingredients?
Applewood is a mixture of liquid smoke, apple flavor and maple flavor.

Q. Is Wright’s® Liquid Smoke Kosher?
A. This product is Kosher certified – OU

Q. Do I need to refrigerate Wright’s® Liquid Smoke?
A. No refrigeration is necessary.